Wednesday, 14 December 2016 Honest Review

See all comment from those that have lost money to this scam site - ( ) is a bitcoin investment site with a beautiful website and great graphics and promises that are not true. You would first be dazzled by the loading feature and then the page and a detailed explanation of its investment that you will want to start immediately.
There is the video of a person presumably the owner stating you can earn $500 daily with
It promises a 120% bitcoin investment earnings for 12hours of robot trading investment and a 200% for a 14 days robot trading investment. These returns are with your capital fully assured as a return.

This Yuletide season came with a bonus for all investors who invest more than 0.25btc for the 12hours investment.

With their fancy website and the testimonials you would think they are serious and be interested.
I want to warn you that it is a fraud.

First of all, they say they have a Time-proven financial stability. From their site they claim has been around since 2014 for a site that was setup on the 5th of October, 2016. you can also confirm from These two sites show the information on the site but cant say if it is a scam as there are not many people scammed already.

When you register and login you will come to your page with this interface:

Here it states the Account balance and bitcoin balance and the different investment positions you can take.

If you click on deposit, it would take you to a page showing the qr code to scan and send money to and a bitcoin address you can use.

                                  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION HERE:  DONT DO IT.

If you ever do. Your money is lost forever. Trust me I lost 0.26btc to this site. This happened to me on the 13th of December, 2016 and I don't want more people losing their hard earned money to this scam site.

Attached is my transaction details as evidence.

Their support never works and instead of answering you. They would block you out. 

Please if you have fallen prey to this site or any other like it. 

I would like to see your comments below.